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Since 2013 I have taught workshops, seminars, talks and face-to-face & online courses, both group and individual.

I use Resolume Arena, TouchDesigner, Processing, Vegas and Adobe Suite software

I am part of the team of teachers of the CAL (Argentine Center of Light) and the IFOE (Institute for training in entertainment trades).

I have been a teacher in the Electronic Music career at the CETEAR Institute, School of Sound .


If you are interested  in organize a workshop together, please, get in touch .



Workshops and courses given:


-Annual course on Digital Visuals (Online - IFOE)

-Webminar "Mapping & Architecture" (Online - IFOE)


-Annual course on Digital Visuals (Online - IFOE)

-Workshop "Audiovisual Technology)" (Online- Cálamo Galería de Arte.San Nicolás)

-Charla "Art, performance and Technology" at the 1st San Nicolás Art Biennial. ( See talk here )

-Vj Course (Online - IFOE)


-Vj Workshop (Online - IFOE)

-Experimental Image Laboratory (On-site - EspacioLab-Municipal Astronomical Complex of Rosario)

-The Screen and the Light (Talk -Lighting Congress)


-Introduction to Vjing (Classroom- COMBO Creative Space)


-Multimedia (Online - CETEAR)

-Vj and Visuals (Face-to-face - CETEAR)

-Video workshop for adolescents within the framework of the ESI program (Presencial-Ministerio de Educación de Santa Fe



-Vj Workshop (On-site - Within the activities organized by the CONNECTA Film Festival)

-The visualization of Sound (Face-to-face talk- Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario MACRO)



-Video tools in real time (On-site - EspacioLab-Rosario Municipal Astronomical Complex)



-Workshop for making Music Videos (On-site- Espacio Santafesino, Ministry of Innovation and Culture of Santa Fe)

-Mi Propia Peli, video workshop for teenagers (On-site - Santa Fe Sign, Ministry of Innovation and Culture of Santa Fe)

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